Porto Sukhna

Innovative Developments for the Red Sea

Porto Sukhna is a novel tourism resort constructed in Egypt in a region by the Red Sea called Ain El Sukhna, which literally means hot spring. This region has witnessed immense developments over the past few decades that one would be shocked; some would be happy and some disappointed, at the changes that have taken place.

A Brief Background

Just a few decades ago, the Ain Sukhna region was simply a vast terrain of untouched desert, mountains, and an endless horizon of blue azur water of the Red Sea. The Cairo-Hurgada highway road passed along the coast of Ain Sukhna, with its splendid views of natural beauty; clear waters on one side, an endless chain of rocky mountains on the other side, and rare views of wildlife including everything from rare birds to dolphins.

The hot spring, tucked away in a sandy bay close to the seashore and beyond clear vision of passersby, would receive visitors who knew of its existence; of its beauty, its warmth, and of the legendary healing powers of hot springs. Gradually, the popularity of the spring grew to reach the interest of small-scale investors, who decided to build a small hotel to host visitors to the hot spring.

A few years later, more investors came to the region and built more developments, and gradually the area started becoming slightly crowded... but the crowds of visitors and tourism developments were all on sea-level, never above. The atmosphere was always one of magnificence of the mountains, which were simply admired and observed. No one dared to approach the mountains for heavy construction work; only the adventurous few would enjoy occasional mountain climbing and trekking.

Then the construction of Stella Di Mare took place, a courageous project comprised of European-style chalets distributed all over a section of the mountain. Many critics commented with their fear that the mountain might not withhold such construction pressures and building weights. Nonetheless, the fears of collapse didn't affect many visitors that the project was an instant success.

The Ain Sukhna region was now a significant landmark on Egypt's tourism map, with widespread popularity amongst both Egyptians and foreigners alike. The novelty and success of Stella di Mare sparked interest of more tourism projects and resorts, leading to the ultimate tourism development of the Sukhna region, Porto Sukhna.

The Colossal Construction - Porto Sukhna

Part of a major tourism development quartet, Porto Sukhna was an addition to Porto Marina, Golf Porto Marina, and finally Porto Cairo. All of them are high quality resorts with exceptional importance given to golf, entertainment, leisure, and luxury. The "Porto concept" as it's known, is owned by Amer Group, with a recent marketing contract established with Earth Developments LLC. Both corporations are pioneers in their respective fields, with Amer Group being a leader in the tourism and property development industry in Egypt. Thus, with that taken into consideration, the Porto resorts must be of secure stability and guaranteed quality.

Porto Sukhna is basically a top quality resort in the midst of the Sukhna landscape, amongst the mountains, at 270 meters above sea level, the highest architecture in Egypt. As opposed to the aforementioned Stella Di Mare, which is also within the mountains above sea level, Porto Sukhna consists of an enourmous building, an architectural bulk, above sea level. Stella Di Mare consists of small chalets, posing much less pressure on the mountain.

In addition to the main colossal sized building, the resort consists of hotel suites, apartments, villas, a 2 million sqm world class 18-hole mountain golf course, a luxurious spa, designer boutiques, restaurants, and the like. The resort also has the only cable car found in Egypt, creating a significant combination of tourism attractions.

Provoked Questions and Current Facts

A New Horizon for the Red Sea Coast

While traditional visitors to Sukhna are typically in search of a quiet vacation close to Cairo, the road to Sukhna is anything but the same as it was merely 5 years ago. The horizon has changed, the serenity and silent power of the mountains has been overshadowed. Upon approaching the fine coasts of the Red Sea, the view of nature becomes a view of commercialism at its best; exquisite modern life, traffic, and an architectural obstruction almost as high as the mountains.

In conclusion, Porto Sukhna is certainly a novelty in Egypt and the region. In theory it is a gem of tourism excellence, and in-tune with Amer Group which is famous for creating developments that surpass expectations. However questions arise.. is Porto Sukhna a mark for a new and promising era for the Red Sea region? Or is it a prologue to the ultimate destruction of the legendary Sinai mountains and Sukhna road?

Has the modernity of extreme developments gone too far? Has there been a theft of the very things that make Egypt great? Its authenticity, simplicity and natural beauty. Will the new constructions attract visitors only to scare aware natural life of birds, fish and dolphins?

Who knows.. perhaps a scientist or marinologist would have a better view on this. But in some people's opinion, the developments are already taking place, there's no room for opinion except on what can be saved and how to preserve it. The majority of opinions are however in favor of Porto Sukhna, its leisure and luxury, and the resort is gaining significant local and international popularity.